yarra valley wineries

What to Expect from a Winery Tour

Wine tastings are a popular pastime for countless people. A traditional tasting is not the only way to enjoy the experience, however. A lengthy wine tour is a better alternative. Those who have never experienced a wine tour before should know what to expect before they go.

4 to 14 People on Each Tour

To book a yarra valley winery tour, a minimum of 4 people are required. The more people included, however, the more of a deal customers get. If a large group participates in the tour together, the rates will be reduced for everyone. A maximum of 14 people can go on the tour.

Hummer Limo

Not just any limo is provided on the tour. A unique hummer limo may be available for use. The large limo is capable of holding numerous people so a large group can travel easily together.

1 Hour Limo Ride to First Stop

There are multiple stops on the winery tour. The first stop is one hour away, meaning everyone gets to enjoy one full hour of a luxurious limo ride. Along the way, there are fabulous views of the gorgeous valley. Everyone can sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Wine, Champagne, and Appetizers

The initial wine tasting includes more than wine. Champagne is also offered for those who would like a glass. While enjoying drinks, appetizers are also served.

Gourmet Lunch

After the first wine tasting, tourgoers will be transported to their lunch destination. There, they will experience more wine choices with a delicious meal that pairs well with the drinks.

Dessert Stop

The day wouldn't be complete without dessert. Another stop on the tour includes a popular Chocolaterie and ice creamery. Handcrafted premium chocolates are provided for a delectable taste testing.

A wine tour is an ideal way to spend the day. Not only do people get to experience countless wine options, but also get to indulge in appetizers, a gourmet lunch, and a chocolate dessert. Along the way, tourgoers will experience the sites of the valley, all while riding in a hummer limo. Anyone looking to participate in a wine tour can visit yarra valley wineries.